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Relaxing after training At our dinner party after a week's worth of training at corporate.

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Will convert CM’s official residence into cancer hospital, if we win: Sikkim Oppn leader

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First threatening our beer supply, now claiming a threat to a substance which counter acts one of the negative aspects of drinking lots ofvvbeer Thorium Boy. Heaven forbid something interferes with Asian procreation, because hey, 4. The whole experience was becoming increasingly amusing. I frequently laughed out loud, however bizarre that might have seemed under the circumstances. I was still seizing up, or so witnesses would report.

Nothing could have cheered me up more. It was only days until my 70th birthday.

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The age-flattering toe-tag was, it would turn out, the first of several silver linings caused by the stunning impact of this cerebral intruder in my life. They say that people who survive malignancy of this magnitude approach it with a positive attitude, and I was determined to be one of them, not a victim swept along by bad weather and worse luck. Back in India, the monsoon was in full swing, once again, as from time immemorial — a poignant concept for someone with a brain tumor.

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The rains were inundating the fields of the farmers who have to feed a billion mouths. Those brown fields were green again, and the floods devastated some areas.

The sheets of rain would eventually drain off into the Arabian Sea, whence they came, or into the Andaman Sea to the east, to which they had been bound. As for the ebbing of the space-occupying intruder in my head, that remained to be seen.

From 3 to 6 percent of glioblastoma patients are cured; one of them will bear my name. The monsoon lasts all summer, so it is raining in India as I write this. In the meantime, I am teaching myself to love my tumor. Hopefully, love it to death. Its, not mine. It has not just made me younger by about 23 years, in toe-tag time, but it has made me better, somehow stronger, funnier, even kinder, more tolerant.


Ask anyone who has seen me lately. In the Weill Cornell shrewdness troop, Dr.

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Phil Stieg is an alpha male, chairman of neurology and neurosurgeon-in-chief. He was my brain surgeon and there was from him no politely indirect talk of space-occupying lesions. His bluntness came as a refreshing breeze. He sawed right in and resected what he said was The remaining.